Pineal Gland Opening Accenssion

Pineal Gland Opening Accenssion, What Really Happens When Your 3rd Eye Opens. We Are Living In A Time of Awakening of The Human Soul, As More People Practice The Art of Meditation. The Age of Aquarius is NOW

By Awakened Light - Meditation For Freedom

The journey of awakening can be hard for most people, because it makes you feel isolated from your friends, family and people whom surround you. 

As more people around the globe start to awaken their minds from what they have been told. They start questioning the whole concept of meditation and wonder if there really is more to this existence that what we can physically see.

This is where they fall upon meditation, usually in the lighter forms of mindfulness. But as with anything new we introduce into our lives we have to be mindful as to what it is we are doing.

Meditation Will Break You - Before It Can Heal You

Pineal Gland Opening Accenssion

The Emotional Journey Meditation 

When you decide you want to get into meditation, it is important to know a few things first. Because as much as meditation is the best tool you will ever need, when it comes to living your life.

It is a very emotional journey you will have to undertake, before you can say the magic of meditation is working for you let me explain.

When we first start to meditate it will feel as though you cannot focus and relax, over time this will get better with practice. That the easy part!

After you have learnt to quiet your mind then the meditation and healing begins.


You will notice that when you are meditating things, situations and people, that have hurt you in the past will come up. But on an emotional level, you will feel the hurt anger and everything connected to them. This is what you have been holding and carrying with you all this time.

The release you have to take your time and one by one look at the emotion it is causing you. Take your self out of the situation, so that you can see things from both sides ( this is harder than it sounds). Why? because we dont want to forgive people who have hurt us! but we must in order to move on without the energetic ties.

Your chakras can only move up when you do this you cannot be holding these things to vibrate higher into consciousness. 

Pineal Gland Opening Acccenssion, So..What Will Happen If You Open Your Pineal Gland ?

Pineal Gland Opening Accenssion

The Pineal Gland 
It takes allot to open your pineal gland, its not just meditation, food plays and important part also. So it is important to detox your body of toxins and chemicals, this will help you to highten your awareness faster. 

You start to realize that you are so much more that you have been led to believe.

The first thing you will notice when you 3rd eye opens is that, you start to question things that have long time been accepted. You will start to see inconsistencies and and this will lead to more questions. This is good your eye is awakening causing you cconsciousness to shift and seek more of the things you would not have before. 

Everything happens at the right time its suppose to, we are in an age of information where it has never been so freely available. We as before you would not of been able to find this type of information so freely, leaving the door open for allot of misinformation. This is where your new awareness will come in, helping you to shift between what real and whats not.

WIFI Around The Globe

This is why there was an urgency to get G5 up and running, and wifi in the remotest of places accross the globe. Those in charge do not want you to know who you really are and they want to chip you with a RFID chip and it does not work effectively without G5 to power it – please read my post here on connecting to the cloud the singularity run by Ray Kurtzwell.

Pineal Gland Opening Accession Infinite Knowledge

Akashic Records You Are Information 

When your pineal gland starts to open, you should start doing deep meditation soundless or with binaural beats no voices. This will help you to access the akashic records, by asking questions to our minds eye and allowing the answer to come. It takes practice, but it very much accessible.

The reason for this is because time only exists here within the metratron grid system which imposes decay, rot and birth. You could look at the akashic records as remote viewing as its not a book you access it visuals you feel as if you are there over seeing it. 

You will also be able to access one of your other senses in the spiritual realm such as hearing spirits or being able to read fortunes for people. You will know when you are close to this as you will feel a pulsing sensation between your eyebrows. This is a good sign that your pineal gland is getting more light and is opening more. 


Our minds are computers if we looked at them on a technical level. Everything is recorded allot further back than you can remember, because you have been here many times, but failed to accsend!. Through lessons not learnt we can only accsend when our vibration is within the higher chakras. Only then do we become light beings, returning with full memory of past lives. 

The people who do not are stuck in samsara returning without memory, repeating the same mistakes again and again. 

Thoughts Create Your Outcomes

Pineal Gland Opening Accenssion

Thoughts Really Do Create

The more you meditate and focus on the foods you are eating you will be given access to more.. It is important that you avoid all processed foods when working on the pineal gland. Eating living foods and alkaline foods will keep the body in a good stable vibration for spiritual work..

You are ready at this stage to start understanding vibration, numerology, signs, symbols and energies. Understanding that words hold power aswell as thoughts and that every action creates an effect including, the words and thoughts.

Now you are begining to learn what you can do and how to use your vibration, words and actions to create what it is you want. 

Words Vibration and The Mind

Learning how we use our words and what we think about repetively changes our outcome. You should never use words like (I Cant, I Want, I Need) because this closes your brain off to offering solutions or anything constructive.

Words have allot of hidden meanings which are designed to work against you. When your pineal gland opens you will find its easier to work with vibrations, numbers and symbols because they have no hidden meaning and this is afterall how this metatron grid works.

So now you are learning to play the game, which appears magick to some but is simply using the energies because now you understand thoughts and vibrations. Helping you to attract more of the things you want and not allowing cause and affect to bring you the opposite!

Everything Is Connected Colours Auras

Pineal Gland Opening Accenssion

The Web That Connects Us ALL

You are now starting to realize that you are an important being, you are infinite consciousness. Put here in a vessel the body to experience infinite consciousness, intelliigence and awareness no other creature on the earth can do this except humans, a vessel of unlimited mind. We are a mental species, and over half of the human on this planet are not aware of this. 

Being intelligent does not mean clever, more having an full understanding and awareness of self. Before meditation and pineal activation we have limited awareness, after pineal gland activation you will have infinite awareness. 

You start to understand numerology on a higher level of consciousness, knowing  that each sign represents a path or quality you must adapt. Each sign is a deity and its job is to block you from your gifts. Such as Taurus this represents money. So if you find that you are lacking in money this is why, you have to awaken your spiritual consciousness within taurus adopting those qualities a taurus poseses. 

So look at all the start signs as form of blocked karmas which you have to overcome in order to reach gnosis. 


We are all connected on an energetic level and you can tap into another persons energy by just using thoughts. This practice is practiced allot in Africa under the term kemetics, more commonly known as voodoo in the western world. You should by now be able to see peoples auras, thats the colour that surrounds a person, the energy emmiting fromthe zero point the foundation. 

We are all different but other than the 13 bloodlines, we are all the same we all have red blood which is the 666. The 6 protons the 6 nutrons the 6 electrons we are what creates. A bloodline of blue bloods cannot create, as they do not have the ability to but they can change and alter what we create, the ideas always comes from us as we are the creators.

Pineal Gland Opening Accession Becoming More Aware of Your Bodies Vibration

Pineal Gland Opening Accenssion

Pineal Gland Opening Accenssion

The more your vibration starts to rise with the activation of your pineal gland, you will start to become different. By this I mean that you will start to like new things, what once interested you, will no longer serve you. Even the company you keep will start to bore you, distancing you from friends,family and even social media.

This can make you feel very isolated, but in order to grow we must isolate ourselves at first allowing us to really think, without the outside pointless chatter.

Its an important process, as you cannot create anything good in a low vibration, regardless to weather your pineal gland is open or not.  As there are always other energies at work, so your vibration is important, having negative or systemized people around you can drastically alter your vibrational energy leaving you feeling drained.

Emotional Plane 

You have to be aware that once your pineal gland is awakend you will have a heightend ability to feel ones pain and emotions. Humans who are unaware of their true powers operate in the lower frequency of emotions and this leads to mistakes and unsteady vibrations.

This emotional knowledge is used by companies in order for them to sell more products, healthcare or whatever it is they want to sell you. How? by touching your emotional heart strings or putting you in a fear state, you are more likely to buy what it is they are selling to you.

It works 95% of the time without fail, aint you glad your pineal gland is open, so you will no longer be falling for this underhand tactic.

Low Energies Food Is Information

One of the most important things that you discover is that food is information. When we eat meat or meat products from animals, who have suffered and have not been kept very well, we inherit its pain and sufferings. This is done when we ingest the food and can lead to all sorts of health issues, known as karma by food, because everything has a cause and effect. 

Ph9 or above water is better for you, as flouride is put into the water and this is what keeps the pineal gland closed, by building up a plaque around it.

Even with your pineal gland open, we will never really and truly know everything there is to know. But it opens up the possiblities, questions and raises our consciousness. So that one day we will return with a full awareness of all our previous lives being free from the Archons and the metatron matrix grid system. As long as WE as a collective consciousness say NO to the RFID Human Chippping. - NGM Guest Blogger Meditation for Freedom UK

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