Manifestation Miracles If by Magic ?

Manifestation miracles if by magic ? The dictionary defines the word “miracle” as an extraordinary.  Unusual or supernatural event that manifests divine intervention in the affairs of men.

When miracles happen, laws of nature are broken and a higher being is at work. This higher being is what most people usually refer to as God. Some miracles are attributed to miracle workers, saints or even religious leaders because it is believed that God works through them.

Nowadays, many things are considered miracles such as surviving a big disaster like a tsunami, earthquake, fire or car crash. A mother who was told that she couldn’t ever get pregnant will see conceiving a child as a miracle. Surviving stage 4 cancer way beyond the estimated time that one is supposed to live is also a miracle.

When there are problems, complications or threats, people pray to God. Surpassing these trials against all odds will then be seen as an answer to their prayers and thus a miracle.


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Manifestation Miracles


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