Metaphysic Journal Ancient Arts

Metaphysic journal ancient arts, metaphysics is considered as the oldest branches of philosophy. This study is the most essential and fundamental type of all branches.

Unlike other philosophies, it explains the vital relationship that takes place between the person’s metaphysical view and his/her manner of interpreting the universe and the world.

According to metaphysicians, this field has answered a very simple yet deep question–what is?” This question includes everything that is in the world. Such as the creatures in nature, the appearance of the outer world and the existence of reality.

All philosophical and scientific schools are based in different metaphysical views. The diversities in metaphysical views enable the uniqueness and distinctions of every school of thought in sciences and philosophy.

Some of the things you will learn in this eBook:

  • Introduction
  • Metaphysics Basics
  • Using Meditation
  • Remote Viewing
  • Creating Sacred Spaces
  • Learn Inner Guidance Skills
  • Remote Influencing
  • Understanding Reality Correctly
  • Consciousness
  • Metaphysical vs Man-Made + Much More

Get all the information you need here in this eBook

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