Power Attraction Getting What You Want

Power attraction getting what you want, there are a million energies in man. What might we not become when we learn to utilize them all?

This is the declaration of the poet; and though poetry is commonly motivated by transcendental visions, and therefore more or less impressed with apparent hyperboles, nevertheless there’s in this poetic expression far more literal, practical truth than we may at first think.

How many energies there are in man, no one knows; but there are so many that even the greatest observers of human action have found it inconceivable to count them all. And as most of these energies are noteworthy, to say the least, and a few of them so remarkable as to seem both limitless in power and countless in possibilities, we might well wonder what man will become when he learns to utilization them all.

It’s the purpose of this eBook, not only to discuss these greater powers and possibilities in man, but likewise to present practical techniques through which they might be applied.

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