Understanding Blood Magick

Understanding Blood Magic, What It Is and Should You Really Be Doing It ? As More People Start To Understand Fractals And Reality. Are They Playing With Things They Do Not Fully Understand, Creating More Harm Than Good.

By Natalie Mantle - Meditation For Freedom

Today I would like to talk about blood magick, this is a very touchy subject and allot of people shy away from it. Through lack of understanding, ignorance and fear which surrounds them within this matrix. I briefly touched upon it, in my rh negative bloodlines post but this post will gives those who want to learn a better indepth understanding. Of this ancient practice which has been tarnished by man for his own greater good. Hidden from the masses to keep us in bondage of our true essence and abilities leaving us lost in a samsara of ever repeating mistakes. So Let’s Begin

What Is Blood Magick

understanding blood magick

Blood Magick For Beginners What Is It?

Blood magick is a form of hermetics, it is using the elements of life to change a desired outcome. It can be dark or light magick, if you believe in the dualistic world. But in my opinion there are allot of factors to take into account such as :

  • Where the blood came from
  • Is the magick being used for good or bad 
  • What is the state of your vibration when doing the magick 
  • Are you using it to make offerings to ancestors or deities 
  • How much of your energy will be taken
  • The casue and effect of the magick
  • Knowing the correct days as different days bring different outcomes
  • Using other aids such as candles, herbs and scents 

These are just some of the things you have to take into account before even thinking about this sort of magic. Fractals teach us that everything is connected like a web, meaning everything can be manipulated if you know how your thoughts can effect another even at the opposite end of the earth, why? because you are linked. This is why things like voodoo dolls work so well.

The Human Body

The number 666 relates to the carbon atom, and the HUE, which is now us, the new Human. Carbon-12; one of 5 elements in the human DNA is composed of 6 protons6 electrons and 6 neutrons, which equates to 666. Carbon-12 is the most abundant of the two stable isotopes of the element carbon, accounting for 98.89% of carbon.

Understanding this, and understanding that you are an electrical being and that all is mind. It is the blood that seals the intention when we add this to the ritual/magick, aswell as feeling and focused thoughts then we manifest more quickly. This is why I call it hermetic of our minds, because we have all the elements required to change our own outcomes. Only when the intention is tainted do we need outside factors such as deities and additional vibrations which come from the candles and herbs

Understanding Blood Magick How It Works

What Is The Electromagnetic Field How Does It Work

At the centre of the human body is where we generate our magnetic field which has now been scientifically proven. The reason we have this field is because of our blood, because at the centre of every blood cell is IRON, which is one of the most unique metals on this matrix for creating electromagnitism. When the blood within our bodies is circulating, we create a current and electromagnetic field.

The electromagnetic field which you generate forom your blood cells carries the information, coming from your thoughts. They act as an aerial and transmitter for the multiverse allowing you to tap into another persons vibration. Making blood magick very, very powerful as blood is the purest form of electromagnetism containing everything that is required to create on a biological level.

So using blood in your magick will increase the electromagnetic field of the spell, you are wishing to cast under the universal law of correspondence. 

Raise Your Vibration & Make Your Blood Magick Better

Raising your bodies vibration will make your blood magick better. The higher the frequency the better the magic, as you cannot create anything good in a low vibration. You can raise your vibration in many ways including:

  • Clearing Your Body of Toxins 
  • Avoiding Animal Products 
  • Mindfulness Energy Meditating 
  • Strengthening your visualization techniques 
  • Eating living foods 

By doing this it will change your vibration and your level of consciousness raising your frequency. This will make your blood more powerful when putting your intentions out there into the field of information. 

Where The Blood Comes From

Understanding Blood Magick

The Blood Source 

Blood magick is not binding it better than any other magick but nothing is truely binding. All it simply does to the magick is maximizes its potencey making it work more quickly. Why? it cannot be truly binding, is because the metatron grid will not allow it, nothing stays the same its constantly evolving.

Where the blood comes from is very important there are allot of factors you need to take in here. As with all magick understanding is important because you cannot reverse blood magick. Also depending on the type of blood the outcomes will be different or take longer to work.

Below I will touch upon a few methods people use when obtaining blood for magick:

  • 1st Option The blood of an sacrificed animals – was widely practiced in old wiccan magick. The Ups/Downs to this type of blood is that it is only good when working with ancestors, deities for clients or general spells. The reason is they cannot steel your own energy.
  • 2nd Option Your Blood But Cutting Yourself – Most commonly used by beginners to magick and men. Men have to use this option as they are not given blood from the universe, so they have to obtain it by other means. Beginners use it as they do not know any better and are lead on by online videos of people who are clearly still practicing the arts of hermetics. The Ups / Downs – When using blood you have had to hurt yourself to obtain, you are changing the property of the blood. Which in turn changes the magnetic field, causing you to operate on a lower frequency. This activates cause and effect, usually with the effect being on you . Ultimately by way of mental health and paranoia courtesy of the deities. 

All Blood Is Different So Be Careful Under What Curcumstances you obtain it

  • 3rd Option Menstral Blood- This is the best type of blood to use in ANY magick. No other blood can match that of a womens menstral blood, as it is connected to the energy of the moon. Given for free without harm to none as women we the overseeing force, when the calenders had 13 months instead of 12 and the knowledge was hidden, read more about this here in my rh negative post.
  • 4th Option Adrenaline Blood – A forbidden blood which is by far the worse which is sourced from children, and is drank, It is believed that the adreochrome ( C9H9N03 ) compound is synthesised by the oxidation of adrenaline. This would definately be considered dirty magick and will come at a price, its said that branches of high end occults practice this. In rituals to raise their kundilini energy because they have become tainted and disturbed through practicing this blood magick using tantra as explained in my post black tantra. 

All blood magick is blood letting which = Energy draining ( know what you are doing ) 

Understanding Blood Magick Using The Blood In Magick

understanding blood migick

How To Use Your Blood For Blood Magick 

When using your blood for magick and rituals what you should know. Is there anything you should be doing beforehand, before you begin?

We already talked about your state of mind and vibration, also where you get the blood from. So now lets talk about how to use the blood in your spells in the list below:

  1. Sigils – You can use the blood to create your sigils this will amplify the sigil making it more powerful 
  2. Connecting With Deities – By using your blood in rituals you can connect with deities, this is done by creating an alter and building up a connection with the spiritual realm.
  3. Your Higher Self No Deities – There is no need to consult deities, when you know thy self a deity will want something in return. And when you offer your blood they are connected to you. When you carry out spells using your blood you will naturally become drained until the spell is complete. When using a deity they will continue to take from your energy and make changes to the outcome of the spell to make this happen, where as you have to offer more. 
  4. Rituals & Spells- When you have a full understanding of casting spells and rituals. You will find that using your blood in spells is very powerful, but also very draining. This is where being reserved comes in as much as this is on the surface appears to be magick, this is a very serious thing you are playing with. 

What Days Are Best For Doing Spells

uderstanding blood magick

Which Days Should You Do Your SpellWork ?

Monday – This day should be used for spells relating to. Love , mindwork, influrence over others, changing outcomes, control. 

Tuesday – Use this day for spells relating to Protection, defence hexing separation work and banishing 

Wednesday –A day one can use for making things happen quicker, Healing work , Attracting Things and Astral travel work

Thursday – Good day for career spells such Abundance work , business prosperity, attracting new clients and opportunities 

Friday – Is For spells to do with the heart and creation. Romance not love, fertility and new beginnings 

Saturday – Alter work, deity work, bindings, Removing things from your life and connecting with ancestors in other realms. 

Sunday – Can be used to deal with happier spells as it is associated with, Happiness, family, relationships, success and changes in your life.

That Comes To The End of My talk On Understanding blood magick, To Learn More About Magick See Link Below

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