Serpent Energy Kundalini Awakening

Serpent Energy Kundalini Awakening The Final Part of My 3 Part Awakening of Man. The First Part Was Androgynous Being, The Second Part Was Garden of Eden..

Serpent Energy Kundalini Awakening The Final Part of My 3 Part Awakening

By Natalie Mantle - Meditation For Freedom

Well here it is the final installment today I will be talking about the serpent snakes, the caduceus, Moses staff, tail of Satan, kundilini depending on which part of the world you are from as it has many names.

Stripping the cloak of dogma and revealing what the serpent snake really represents. Also why it is important to raise this energy so that you can come full circle, in your path of enlightement. 

Serpent Sexual Energy

Serpent Energy Kundalini Awakening

The Serpent 
As explained in my previous post on Garden of Eden the serpent is within you. Its the energy that flows up and down your spinal colum, it is your sexual fire consealed within.

This is a very powerful energy with a polarity, which can be used for one to create or destroy. Due to this energy being so powerful a person needs to develop a strong will power and self control. In order to be able to master and overcome the temptation and lure of the serpent. 

The temptations from the serpent comes by way of self edification and material pleasure. You could call this aspect of the serpent Shytan in hebrew or Lucifer known as the human enemy. This is because Lucifer is a fiery serpent that is ignited through sexual acts giving it power, allowing it to always tempting mankind to want and to have that sexual connection. 

A representation of power is what the serpent represents, but you decide through your actions if the power will be used for good or bad. The serpent can control you, or you can control it this is where will power comes in, control of your mind controls the actions you take. 

Gnosis Control Your Mind

Serpent Energy Kundalini Awakening The Final Part of My 3 Part Awakening

Serpent Energy Kundilini Awakening Your Mind

It is important that through meditation you learn to quieten and control your thoughts. As none of this is possible without your mind being in order, as only through the silence do we hear the messages and become at one mind body and soul. 

There is a hidden message in the story of the serpent which states, only those who have mastered their minds with the strength of will can control the cravings of their minds. Only then can you raise the energetic serpent from yesod to keter and transform your self becoming the master of your reality and surroundings.

It is important to put your left foot forward and try to conquer the serpent within. This has been taught within secret societies since the beginning of time and is only now being told to the public. 

The hold the serpent has on you is:

This is represented in stories and images of Medusa 

The Serpents & Moses

Serpent Represented Everywhere

When looking at the Gods and heros from history, you will notice that they always represent the snake, as it is the snake who protects them. Helping them to overcome obsticles and any impending enemies. 

Such as the serpent of Moses who when he commanded its power, enabled him to conquer the egyptians. Who during this time were heavily into dark magick but it was no match for Moses who had full control of his serpents.

He was able to educate and teach the people wisdom and knowledge, from the true teaching he was able to receive from the akashic records, direct from source.

Born of The Waters 

The name Moses is a code it true meaning is born of water and fire. He was not the only one to have be reborn this way there have been others. Such as Padmasamdhava and Quetzalcoatl, because unless a man be born again in this realm after his initial birth, he cannot enter into the kingdom. 

To be born again one has to create the soul which is symbolised by the christmas tree, when lit it represents a full conscious awareness an awakening. The englightened tree is within when it is activated, your pineal gland will be open but to do this you need to clear your chakras and raise your serpent energy allowing the energtic energy to flow. 


The Egyptian Tyrants

Freeing The People

Moses was given the task of freeing the people of Israel from Egypt, as behind the cloak it represents something completely different.

Moses was told to take the rod not litural as shown in images but the rod within his spinal colum and with his hightened awareness from the tree of life. Which is within you and only accessed in the higher realms of the mind, through meditation and reaching gnosis. This is what creates the serpent, the serpent of the kundilini the 2 snakes working in sync with each other. 

Even though the egyptians practiced and attained gnosis they used it for evil. Therfore Moses was able to win as his serpent was of pure intent making him more powerful and untouchable by the egyptians. As only the positive serpent under the service of Elohim can free the soul from suffering, the positive serpent will always protect.

Egypt was a representation of the degenerated mind of the human with the Pharaoh as a tyrant ruling over this man made civillization, creating material power and wealth.

The word ISRAEL is a cloak a compound word with greater meaning let me explain:

  • IS is short for ISIS the Divine Mother 
  • RA is short for Amun Ra the Divine Father 
  • EL is hebrew for God 

Kundilini Energy & Sex

Serpent Energy Kundalini Awakening The Final Part of My 3 Part Awakening

Kundilini Energy & Sex 

One has to be careful when using the sexual energies, as sex can be lustful or persued. It can be used to create or destroy, rough or gentle being used for many things including awakening the holy spirit within. People use it to raise the kundilini energy and then release it into healing and magick.

The secret is, that only magick pure of heart has any real use, so when performing these acts its important to be informed. Everything has a cause and effect and as humans we all have a choice, something is only bad if you make it so we all have free will. 

But the choices you make could be the difference between living a life of happiness or a life of hell.

Sex is part of life and we have longed for the connection from our separation in eden from androgynous beings to man and woman. However only sex performed under the guidance of divine will (not of mind). Sex performed under the guidance of the mind through lust only creates suffering, want and spiritual vibrational death keeping you in the lower chakras.  

Remember sexual desire can never truly be satisfied, leading one to push more and more boundaries. (Desire is never satisfied by the enjoyment of lust because just as a fire increases, the more one gives it fuel) the laws of Manu.

Serpent Energy Kundilini Awakening Is It Love or Lust

Serpent Energy Kundalini Awakening

Love or Lust Sex Theres A Difference 

When we are engaging in sexual acts we need to know if we are engaging in love or lust, because this energy is powerful and is controlled by the serpent. When to people unite during a sexual act the internal polarity within our bodies are enhanced and hightened, this energy is the Holy Spirit giving you the power to create. Known as shin which means fire 

One has to conquer the desire to orgasm this is to conquer the temptation of the serpent of eve, as the serpent is always within our tree of knowledge on the side of good and bad as it only sees them as choices. This is the only place to conquer the kundilini energy and gain true knowledge through sexuality. 

Humanity left Eden as a couple and as a couple they must return. The word kingdom in hebrew is Malkuth it is the foundation on the tree of life kabbalah symbol. This is where the real work begins as man and wife. Working together in order to reach perfection connecting with each other on a spiritual level. By doing this you will gather up more energy being able to use it to create from within with mind.

By refraining from spilling the divine energy during sex will restore and rebalance your serpents allowing you to then raise the energy of the KUNDILINI 

Chastity Does Not Mean No Sex

Serpent Energy Kundalini Awakening

Self Control Chastity

After reading or listening to the above your probably thinking no sex? Well that’s not the case, what’s practicing chastity all it simply means is refraining yourself from the orgasm. As once the divine energy is spilled the orgasm the energy is released therfore it cannot be stored and you cannot raise the kundilini energy. 

Sex is important for spiritual advancement it is the keys to the car. We have been lead to believe that we all have souls this is not true when we are born we are born of the flesh through sexual acts which raises the Holy Spirit our divine power. 

One has to be born again and earn a soul! through the fire and waters as explained earlier about Moses. As in all of creation everything is born from sex, so your soul need to also be born of sex, the waters of sex developed through chastity and the fires of the spirit.

A single person cannot awaken the kundilini energy it can only be done through unity an alchemcial matromony. The kundilini energy is the connection to God and can only manifest inside those who clense themselves of all the capital sins which are:

  • Gluttony
  • Laziness 
  • Anger
  • Envy
  • Lust 
  • Pride
  • Greed

The fire of the kundilini will only be awakened with continuous progress through meditation raising ones vibration and chakras and storing ones divine energy. 

The fire which is created by the sexual energy must create or it will destroy as it cannot be contained once built up it has to be used. It can have damaging effects on ones mind creating anger and sexual degeneration, we see this all over now with stories of perverted priests around the world as more people speak up. 

This is effecting all religions high end, not so much the general public more with people with high religious positions seeking enlightement. They lose sight and forget that, one has to utilize this energy by transforming it into spiritual energy for healing etc.

Hidden In Symbolism The Return To Heaven

Serpent Energy Kundalini Awakening The Final Part of My 3 Part Awakening

Behind The Cloak Symbolism

It is important to know that, these answers about the kundilini and the garden of eden have been hidden in plain sight behind signs and symbolism so that only few could understand their true meanings. 

In revelation 7:4 it reads “Then I heard the number of those who were saved! 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel”

This number is very symbolic as signs symbols numbers they are all connected. Every hebrew letter also represents a number this is why numbers are important. The name Adam gives you the numbers 40 /4 / 1 if you bring these numbers down to the lowest number which is 9. 

9 is the number of the sephirah or node in the kabbalistic Tree of Life. Meaning that man has to return to the 9 sphere of the mind gnosis only then can you be saved. 

That come to the end of my post about the Serpent Energy Kundilini Awakening. Any Questions Please Leave A Comment

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